Get more rewards for hosting and providing layer two services to the NEBULA network.

Vote, secure the network and

Get Rewards

NEBULA Masternodes provide additional nodes to validate blocks and transactions, adding to the distributed security of the network.

Why to Choose Us?

Decentralized Governance

Without established decision making protocols, progress, development, and growth can grind to a halt.

Masternode Innovations

PIVX masternodes act as a blockchain-based voting system to make decisions and allocate budget.

Network Security

NEBULA Masternodes enhance network security by validating blocks and transactions

Block Rewards & Voting Rights

Masternode owners receive block rewards, voting rights and participate in governance decisions.



50,000 NBLA per node

Dedicated IP

24Hr Uptime VPS

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Masternode Setup Guide

Masternode hosting How to host a Neblua masternode if you are using Linux - CLI